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Eurovision 2009: Grand Final

May 16, 2009

While the chocolate birthday cake I’m making for a friend who’s coming round this evening cooks in the oven, I’ve stolen time to commit the last desperate (and almost certainly) incorrect hopes and dreams for the forthcoming Eurovision final. 

Who will win? I have – truly – absolutely no idea. I can’t tell and I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess. This is odd given that over the past couple of weeks I’ve purported to be an expert in such things, making snap judgements on the work of others within an instant of seeing a promotional video or an arena rehearsal. 

What’s striking is just how many countries are in the final whose acts I’ve rather enjoyed. The first seven songs will make for an interesting series of comparisons. I’m especially interested in seeing whether Israel’s song delivers in the same way it did in the semi and also rather looking forward to seeing France’s Patricia Kaas for a bit of class. 

Armenia’s song will be something of an indulgence – I’m an ardent fan and have been all along – and it will be interesting to see how that subsequently performs in the voting. 

I’m prepared to keep an open mind about Turkey – I’ve never really seen the appeal of this one during the past couple of weeks but maybe a few glasses of Merlot and a good going over at the buffet I’m setting up in the kitchen and I’ll be in a different frame of mind.

I remain unconvinced about Sakis’ ability to wow the rest of Europe, but again this will be something to keep an open mind about. One glimpse at the voting in the early stages should give a pretty good indication. 

Norway is – I have to keep reminding myself – a forgone conclusion but the one I fear the most is the unexploded bomb which is Ukraine. I don’t like it but maybe people who come fresh to all of this will? I’ve no idea. 

Anxiety will be ramping up in the run up to the UK’s act. I know I’ve seen the rehearsal videos but really and truly – how will it be on a 42″ screen in HD? 

Finland and Spain will suffer as far as I’m concerned because I probably won’t be concentrating after Jade’s walked off the stage. Sorry Spain. And er .. sorry to you to Finland. 

On this basis however, who do I think I’ll vote for ? I reckon I’d happily plump for Armenia right now but I’ll have to wait and see how things progress.

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