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May 17, 2009


You know what weddings are like? There’s normally months (maybe even years) of planning, with an intensive build up in the weeks ahead of the main event during which there will always be a tiresome moment when members of the family slightly worse for wear stumble to their feet and offer a few words to the assembled gathering. 

It’s not without good reason I’m thinking of those same painful moments as I write this particular posting. This posting, you see, is intended to be one of those painful quite possibly slightly alcohol fuelled “thank you”s. The only difference is that I’m stone cold sober. Deliberately so. 

So in the spirit of every good wedding reception speech, here’s a brief and (though I say it myself) touching acknowledgement to some very important people:

Normally my little blog garners a handful of views every single day. I usually look at the graph and cower with embarrassment. ‘What have I done wrong exactly?’ I normally think to myself. Shortly after that I normally remind myself of a posting I wrote some time ago in which I smugly clung on to the moral high ground saying how individuality and smug self-satisfaction was more important than statistics.

Things have been a little different over the past few weeks. That Eurovision thing has cast a bit over a spell over this blog and over me in a way which is different from previous years. My daily ritual of staring disappointingly at the graph has changed to a look of incredulity as I process exactly how different a shape the line graph is. And, if I’m having to spell it out, that means the figures have gone up. And they’ve gone massively up. They’ve gone ridiculously high.

The change has been so dramatic over the past few weeks that at various points I’ve wondered whether there’s someone in the “Let’s Fuck With His Brain” department somewhere deep in the British countryside where one man keeps pressing the F5 key on his keyboard to refresh individual pages on this blog. I’ve normally stopped myself from pursuing this paranoid route by reminding myself that there plenty of web-based applications which can be used to the same effect. 

With *that* light entertainment television programme over nearly 24 hours ago and the graph apparently showing no sign of showing a change in direction I figure it might be a nice thing however to cast all cynicism to one side and see the past few weeks for what they’ve been: a marvellous opportunity, exploited well with massive rewards reaped. 

More YumIf you are one of the people who have dropped past here because of Eurovision, or indeed someone who has joined the throng because of my incessant and at times tiresome Twitter activity then I’d like to offer a friendly paw of gratitude.

I have really appreciated the experience I’ve had over the past few weeks and wanted to be sure I’d passed that message on. I never imagined I’d have the ball I’ve had over the past few weeks. It’s link to Eurovision is undeniable so now seems the right time to offer the gratitude. 

In doing so, there wouldn’t unfortunately be enough homemade chocolate cake to pass around for the people had dropped by, thus I offer a couple of photographs of the one I made yesterday for my friend Hannah’s birthday. She liked it so much she took a slab of it home with her. 

Of course, if this is all down to one person then I’d like to offer my sympathy for the pain which must surely have been inflicted on your fingers as you’ve repeatedly hit the “F5” key on your keyboard and for the effects this repetitive work has had on your brain. If you’re actually using a web application to achieve it, could you send me the URL ? I can think of a number of people I’d like to do the same thing to.

  1. Is that Nigella Lawson’s chocolate cake recipe. ? looks like it. the one with the condensed milk…

    • Actually no. Rachel Allan.

  2. cursedtea permalink

    I want cake!!!! Maybe then this baby would arrive …. sigh … 5 days overdue …. when they put in an appearance will train them to hit F5 button repeatedly just for you Jon!! 🙂

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