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Maybe I misunderstood Handel

May 18, 2009


Pasta & Parsley, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

I am a walking cliche. Not only am I proud homosexual with a partner, a mortgage, two gorgeous fluffy cats and no real desire to adopt or engage with a surrogate mother, but I’m also a red wine drinker, a bloke who likes to cook and finds pine worktops and directional kitchen lighting appealing. I am everything you see in the adverts and more.

Tonight is quite possibly the first night in a long, long time I’ve found myself relaxing. It’s been a massive indulgence, first taking a trip to a nearby electrical store to replace a much-loved and now totally defunct bathroom radio, then spending the remainder of the evening casually sipping red wine whilst I cook a cheeky little number from Rachel Allan’s Favourite Food.

It’s the spicy creamy sausage with pasta in case you’re interested served with a scraping of parmesan cheese and fresh chopped parsley from the garden. Yes, that’s right. We grow our own herbs.

What’s striking amongst this sickening and shameful scenario (I work in a media industry which looks down its nose at people who appreciate feeling comfortable and contented) is to what extent I reckoned it’s contributed to me appreciated the music of a composer I have in recent weeks denounced as “boring”.

Some people reckon George Friedrich Handel’s music is beautiful. Those same people fail to understand why it is I find it deathly dull. Don’t make me sit and listen to his Messiah. I know I won’t enjoy it.

And yet, a small number of glasses of red wine and the ridiculous kitchen setting described above, and I’m prepared to confess that I may possibly have been converted to Handel’s music. True, it’s music coming out of a smallish radio in the corner of the kitchen and I am flitting in and out of the kitchen to take in the view of South East London from the front door, but I am listening to his music (in a sense). That’s a start.

  1. That’s a very beautiful photo by the way.

    I remember attending a free performance of Handel’s Messiah in Rome in one of the big churches just before Christmas a few years ago and perving over a very pretty priest sitting in front of me. My residual Catholicism was enough to make the experience very complicated.

    Handel’s great. Have you tried streaming him over spotify?

  2. Chris permalink

    It is indeed a beautiful photo, and one that made me feel sorry for Mrs P who has to have her pasta made with non-gluten artifice and therefore looks wrong, tastes wrong and flops all over the plate.

    Enjoy your relaxation, you deserve it. And I think Handel can help in these matters. You don’t have to concentrate, just let him musically chatter away in the background.

    Streamed Handel over spotify? Sounds like an 18th century recipe. A no longer used cut of meat floated over a now extinct herb.

    Wine on a Monday? You hedonist.

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