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Coca Cola “Coke Heist” Advert

May 20, 2009

Thanks to @JGONeill for alerting me to this smashing reworking of an excerpt from Peter and The Wolf for the latest Coca-Cola advert, note our man @JGONeill did later realise Peter and the Wolf was by Prokofiev not Tchaikovsky.

The production work in this advert is something to behold and certainly beats some of Coca-Cola’s sickening efforts at Christmas time.

The reworking of the music sits well. I can’t usually abide the usual juxtaposition of a famous classical melody alongside everyday objects largely because that melody eventually becomes so ubiquitous the original joy of the music is lost. But in this advert there’s something fresh about the developing the melody most will recognise from class music lessons. At least, I think it’s reworked. I can’t be sure. I don’t recall that far back. Maybe it’s not reworked at all. Maybe it’s just edited. Maybe I need to go listen to Peter and the Wolf again.


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