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Radio: Paul O’Grady \ Radio 2 \ Sunday 28 June 2009

June 28, 2009

We were stuck in a traffic jam this afternoon on our way back from an afternoon in deepest Suffolk when a broadcasting lightbulb moment occurred to me.

It was the Paul O’Grady show on Radio 2. Something I’ve stumbled on before but not paid too much critical attention to.

This afternoon, both me and the significant other found ourselves rejecting Radio 4 – surprisingly Radio 3’s Choral Evensong repeat too – and plumping for Radio 2 instead. Our attention was focussed on O’Grady. And it paid off.

If you’ve not heard him then you might want to give him a go. His two hour slot late on a Sunday afternoon is perfectly scheduled. The gentle lilt of his Liverpudlian accent combined with his gossipy tone casts a reassuring spell, something he’s fine-tuned no doubt by his years spent doing stand-up.

In radio terms he has an unfailing ability to make you feel as though he’s speaking only to you even when he’s reading emails from listeners. There may not be very much to the show itself (essentially just a series of tracks interspersed with letters and emails) but he pulls it off effortlessly.

The effect is perfect for supressing the fear of the impending new start to the week by inviting the listener into the kind of gossipy session we’d all rather like to think we have regularly on a Friday night. His is kitchen-sink banter available whereever you want it.

He’s definitely worth a go.

Or Listen to a Clip

Listen to the entire show via the BBC iPlayer

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