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Proms 2009: Prom 2 – Haydn \ The Creation

July 18, 2009

You may be surprised to learn I studied conducting at University under the tutelage of Professor Denis McCaldin, someone I once understood or (certainly appreciated) to be a leading expert on the composer Haydn until work friend chappy David pointed out that the title was still very much reserved for Robbins Landon.

You probably won’t be surprised to read that I wasn’t terribly good at conducting. This combined with a great many other things I wasn’t good at meant I left University floundering, initially thinking I’d turn my hand to arts administration and (when I’d made a pigs ear of that) later attempting IT support.

When I realised I didn’t actually care whether people’s computers actually worked or not, I ended up pursuing this largely vain (and in vain, I might add) goal of writing and presenting.

Thus you the reader and me (the saddo on a Saturday night writing a blog post when long suffering partner downstairs wonders when I’ll be done at the damn computer) end up here, the night of the performance of Haydn’s Creation at the Proms.

I didn’t fancy going myself – despite it being the second Proms gig in the season. And given the marvellous creation cooling on top of the cooker right now, I’m really rather pleased I didn’t go too.

After all. It was mighty fine on the radio.

One Comment
  1. Chris Poppe permalink

    One of the most stomach-turning sub-Nigella moments I have ever witnessed. Thanks. 😉

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