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Proms 2009: Prom 14 – Holst Choral Symphony \ Elgar Enigma Variations \ Atherton \ BBC NOW

July 26, 2009

Don’t think for a moment this is the sum total of the time I’ll spend listening to this concert. I’m just saving up the entire experience for the time I’ll need it most. And if what to know when that is, you’ll need to listen to this audio. Yes you will.


But we did listen to the second half .. oh yes we did.


  1. David England permalink

    The Delius was the highlight of the evening for me. The orchestra really brought out all the subtleties.

    The Elgar was good, but one would expect no less. Judging by the amount of coughing, the audience were not too impressed by the Holst. The piece did rather outstay its welcome.

  2. Russell Plows permalink

    I’m not sure the Albert Hall handled the subtleties of the Holst very well but from my viewpoint the audience certainly seemed to be giving the work the rapt attention it demands. Some of the speeds were a bit slow – but it contains some extraordinarily beautiful ideas. Festival Hall next time??

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