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Proms 2009: Prom 31 – Tchaikowsky Piano Concerto No.1 \ Stephen Hough \ National Youth Orchestra

August 8, 2009

The National Youth Orchestra appeared to be occupying less space on stage at this evening’s Prom but their all black outfits made them look the adults their advanced skills project them as. Soloist Stephen Hough rattled through the first piano concerto by Tchaikowsky, but I remain unconvinced that any of the concertos are really up to all that – performers excepted of course.

And, in case you’re wondering, we consumed prawns,pancetta and pasta this evening courtesy of Mr Gary Rhodes most recent cook book.


Listen to the concert or watch Katie Derham present it

One Comment
  1. Chris Poppe permalink

    Did you know that Gary Rhodes and I are astrological twins? We were both born on 22nd April 1960. Before I knew that, I used to look at his spiky hair and say “he’s not as young as he makes out.” I don’t say that anymore. 😉

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