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Proms 2009: Prom 52 – Schnittke Nagasaki \ London Symphony Orchestra

August 24, 2009


  1. Three observations which may or may not help you.

    The first is that this season this year has seemed somehow ‘off’ to me – the massive queues (which are surely a sign of what is to most a fantastically successful season), the selfishness of people protecting their little bit of space at the rail up in the Gallery, the heat… it’s just not been a good year for me. It hasn’t felt like the Proms.

    The second is that you’ve done very many more concerts this year than I have, and I think more than even you usually do. I’d be totally knackered from standing up for hours in a hot room just about every evening for a month by now, no matter how great the music.

    Give it six months and you’ll be desperately excited by the return of the Proms. I promise. But don’t feel you HAVE to enjoy it when its here.

  2. PS Like you in your recording, I’d just like to add that none of my complaints about this years’ season are criticisms of the people who have poured their energy in to creating it… things like the audience and the heat aren’t in their control!

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