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Proms 2009: Prom 68 – Messiah \ Handel \ Northern Sinfonia

September 7, 2009

Conflicting professional responsibilities in the face of an approaching deadline combined with a vigorous disinterest in what was going on in the Royal Albert Hall during Prom 69 led me to remain at home and listen on the radio.

Unfortunately, I tuned in at the wrong time. Maybe being there would have been a better idea.


  1. Chris permalink

    I can’t listen to it either. It won’t stop buffering!!

    Mind you, having heard Aled Jones’ introduction, I did wonder if I’d chanced upon some end-of-the-pier show. I’m sure the poor man was only doing what he’d been told to.

  2. cursedtea permalink

    I love the fact I can hear your dinner cooking in the background Jon!! And I had to snicker – you do sound a tad “Victor Meldrew” in your comments on people “singing” en masse.
    hope you are doing well me lovely!! Kx

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