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TV: Joanna Lumley: Catwoman (ITV)

September 13, 2009

Joanna's suitably pleased

ITV Director of Television Peter Fincham must be feeling a little pleased with himself. For most people who remember his departure from the BBC over that Queen documentary thing, Joanna Lumley’s lead in ITV’s Sunday night late-teatime documentary piece about cats will surely have secured a core demographic.

‘Everyone loves cats,’ the executives must have screamed across the table, ‘let’s make a documentary about cats.’

You’d think it might have been a bit mawkish. It might have been just that little bit ‘ITV’ (low on information, high on filler). You’d be wrong. Instead Joanna Lumley lit up the screen with her warmth and sincerity.

Fine. I may not have learnt much more about cats than I knew already but I did get to see cats on television on a Sunday night interspersed amongst interviews with cat-lovers and cat-carers who weren’t necessarily given an easy ride at every turn by this most famous of cat-fans.

Nice work Mr Fincham.

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