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Finding a new interest

September 15, 2009

Drawing instructions, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

My work colleague doesn’t realise it, but it feels as though he’s set me on a bit of a change of tack.

Sometime this afternoon someone in the office asks me “Are you alright?” I say, “yes” and then proceed to tell her why.

I explain I’m off to Muji in Oxford Street to find myself a very special notebook.

“Why go there? It’s raining,” she says.

She wasn’t wrong. It was pissing it down. There’d been a power-cut and everything. The traffic lights on the A40 slip road at White City had gone down. Things like that don’t often happen.

I explained to her that Muji in Oxford Street was the only place I’d be able to get the notebook I especially wanted for our holiday. She looked at me blankly. I explained how I wanted to take two weeks in a far away (hot) country and not be connected to the internet in any way, shape or form. I wanted (as tweeter @leica) suggested earlier today “to go analogue” and write stuff every day. I wanted to be creative but I didn’t want the computer anywhere near me. And the only notebook I could even consider using in pursuit of that was one similar to the one I’d seen the lady sat next to me using during my birthday meal in Blackheath a few weeks back.

My colleague seemed a little overwhelmed by the strange particularness I was displaying. This, however, was in stark contrast to the person who sits next to me who unwittingly came up with a brilliant idea.

“You should do some drawing, you know. Take yourself off with a sketchpad and some paints and do some watercolours.”

Something inside clicked. It was a strange thing. Something rang out inside. ‘He’s right,’ I thought, ‘do something different. Learn something new. Get a book about drawing, a sketchpad and some pencils and draw stuff on holiday.’

I can’t draw. At least I don’t think I can. My Mum can. Her father did too. So there’s a gene there for sure, I just don’t have a proven track record.

So, spurred on by the unexpected idea of a colleague I took myself off to Waterstones at Trafalgar Square, London and found the most basic, most straightforward, most saccharinely positive book for a beginner I could find.

I’m selecting the sketchpad on Friday.

I … can’t … wait.

  1. Fantastic! Wish I’d have known sooner – would have let you have some of son’s How to Draw books – of which we have many. Good luck with it & well done, you, for having a go. Hope you’ll blog the results of your endeavours on your return. (Oh, and have a FAB time!) x

  2. Good idea. Always take a notebook, for analogue writing, but now and again I try and draw, and it’s soo good to do. I have pages and pages of scetches of baclava from an evening when we bought every variety in a shop in Pafos and commited to reviewing all of them. To be honest the writing paled over the evening (Item 23: Bit nutty, honey hints, pastry…. bluegh) but I can dash off a decent scetch of pistachio strewn filo pastry (with a honey glaze) in a trice now and much the better man for it.

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