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Pre-holiday indulgence

September 16, 2009

First Attempts, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

Like Radio 3 Interactive Wotnot Bloke Roland Taylor, I’m feeling like I’m recovering post Proms season this year. Surprisingly really given that I was grumpy for most of it. You’d think I wouldn’t really recognise it’s passing.

I don’t really. This might be because I’ve spent weeks looking forward to a holiday I’m going on. Two weeks in the sun. Books, beer and podcasts. Can’t wait.

Yesterday’s flash of inspiration from a colleague prompted me to buy a book about how to draw. This evening I found it difficult not to break open the fresh pack of pencils and start “experimenting”.

I remain unconvinced about the success of the still “life”, although I did find the trying out of the various pencils a bit of a joy. So much so, I’m left wondering why on earth anyone would want to bother with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Final Cut Pro. Making videos seems like way too much effort. Why bother?

One Comment
  1. My son always, ALWAYS has to try out new pencils. Have you bought any graphite or charcoal ones … they’re a joy to use ,,, delightfully smudgable!

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