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David Mitchell’s mutliplatform success

September 19, 2009

Speaking personally, David Mitchell is a bit of a hero. The man can write, the man can speak and the man can act. He’s someone who exudes a reassuring level of intelligence when he’s introduced on any television programme. You know he won’t dumb you down. He is the perfect insurance policy for any broadcast.

He and comedy partner Robert Webb have pulled off something quite impressive in recent months. Whilst they seem to make regular appearances on TV at nearly every opportunity, they haven’t peaked and suffered the ignominity of over-exposure. Not only that they have just this week succeeded in launching a new series of Peep Show on Channel 4 whilst their newest series on BBC Radio 4 runs at the same time. They are busy people who make us laugh because they are good at what they do.

Part of their success must surely have something to do with their grasp of the mediums they like to work in. None more so than David Mitchell’s video podcasty things of which the one below is a particular favourite.

Clearly the gag relies on the simple display of various posters green-screened behind Mitchell. It’s simplicity goes further than that however when you consider that this video piece could just as easily work as an audio download. There aren’t many people who appear to be pulling off a mastery in the multiplatform world, but those who do remind us one of key fundamental rule in production: keep it simple.

David Mitchell’s web video thing written with John Finnemore entitled “Passion” is a shining example of both their abilities and a timely reminder that the traditional 3 or 4 minute radio talk isn’t dead. Thanks to the RandyMice blog for the heads up.

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