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Tart remains

November 6, 2009

Tart Remains, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

Mid-way through consuming my segment of the tart I did end up thinking that cooking dinner for four other people was something I always think would be a nice thing to do but always turns out to be a slightly stressful experience instead.

Not because of the warm potato salad which ended up being mashed near-cold mashed potato, nor the lack of salt in the filling.

In fact, I shouldn’t really complain. Everyone else seemed to like it. Everyone except me went back for seconds. There wasn’t very much left. That’s surely a good sign.

What’s stressful is the moment when you find yourself hoping like hell it’s turned out OK, hanging on the guests’ every word, analysing the feedback.

Cooking’s meant to be a relaxing experience. It is usually. Why should eating take all of that pleasure away?

  1. For what it’s worth, it looks delicious!
    So much so that I’m gonna ask for the recipe (if it’s not a fiercely guarded family secret).

    I have to agree that cooking for others can be extremely stressful, even when it’s those close to you who should love you even if you serve up charred remains of scorched wildeveest. As many of our friends have pretty conservative tastes and I love to experiment in the kitchen, even when it turns out perfectly, I am always hanging on their every word or the way the look at the plate before tasting what I serve up.

    The best advice is just serve it up and relax. But I’m lousy at taking my own advice.

  2. I think it’s a generally accepted principle that it’s very difficult to appreciate something that one has cooked oneself. It’s not just performance anxiety or being too close to it, but something to do with how our taste-buds are desensitised during the preparation and cooking.

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