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Eurovision 2010: Might it be Gary Barlow?

November 24, 2009

Eurovision fans are bristling with excitement today. Not only is our most treasured of light entertainment shows written about in The Sun’s TV Biz section (I don’t read The Sun, obviously – but really with all that shouty red colour and big bold writing, Eurovision’s inclusion in its column inches must surely be a good thing) but speculation seems to be mounting about Gary Barlow’s involvement in the UK Eurovision effort. Even Irish broadcaster is writing about it.

Gary Barlow to write a UK Eurovision song? With those devilish eyes, four day stubble and chisselled jaw we’re bound to do well. Take That are good. There comeback albums are good. The Circus was brilliant. I’ve got The Circus. You know the one with them all balancing on a high wire. I love that album. I love every track. Just imagine if the rest of Europe knew Gary Barlow was writing our effort. We’re bound to do well.

Assuming it’s not a spot of speculation, of course. Quite apart from the shamefully weak headline (those puns don’t work on the web) it’s the word “may” in “Gary may Take on Eurovision” which make me rub my chin. The quote further down the story raises a wry smile too. “The BBC is hoping that .. ” said a BBC insider. It seems just a little mealy mouthed.  

Naturally, I go to great lengths to emphasise I’m not a BBC insider – one look at the disclaimer on this blog will show that whilst I’m BBC staff I always make a point of saying my name and the organisation I work for in the same sentence. I’m in no way the person to blame here.

No, before all of us who care about these things gets too excited is it worth slamming on the brakes and waiting for the official announcement, assuming there will be one?

My only reason for exercising caution is that Gary Barlow appears to crop up in all sorts of Eurovision-related to places.

Well, I say all sorts. I’m talking two, maybe three really.

On 22 February Barry Viniker from was relaying a story he’d read in The Star about how Gary Barlow was working on Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber’s team when Jade represented the UK in Moscow earlier this year. In 2008 Peter Devine’s blog on the Manchester Evening News website was reporting that Barlow had been invited to submit a song for the then Making Your Mind Up final, following a failed attempt four years previously in 2004, with a distinct lack of links back to the source of the information.

Is Gary Barlow someone who likes to tantalise Eurovision fans? Maybe he’s someone who can’t make up his mind. Or is it simply that like the often trotted out “Joanna Lumley is tipped to be the first female playing the role of the Time Lord in Doctor Who” story, maybe Gary Barlow is nothing more  than fodder for the rumour mill?

Time will tell. At this moment in time I’m banking on the rumour mill theory. There are six months to go yet after all. Emotions can go up as well as down during that time. I need to pace myself for now.

Who knows, in a few months time I might be writing this, looking like a fool as I eat my words. And of course, if I do have to eat my words it goes without saying I very much hope Mr Gary Barlow will agree to my request for an interview.


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