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TV: Graham Norton Show / Episode 6.10 / Mon 7 Dec 2009

December 7, 2009

Nobody reads blogs. Nobody gives a damn. There’s no point in spending time committing your thoughts to a blog no-one reads directly after watching a TV programme you’ve enjoyed. Everyone tweeting about it anyway. At least that’s what they appear to be doing during the #grahamnortonshow.

Twitter activity does appear to have crept up on me where the #grahamnortonshow is concerned. It’s weird seeing other people on the internet commenting on what feels like my own special corner of TV (yes, I know that’s *totally* self-obsessed – I’m just being honest). Sometimes I watch stuff going on on TV and that going on on Twitter and doubt the integrity of the latter. I’m sure I’m borderline paranoid.

Tonight’s #grahamnortonshow was another corker. Such a corker in fact, I’m reminded how I started this post. I found myself enjoying myself and, in the process of enjoying myself, thinking ‘this is what I expect and what I’m used to now’. Which, in turn, makes me wonder what the point of blogging such a banal point. After all, who really gives a damn if something is good, especially when it’s edging towards being consistently good?

Catherine Tate and Jimmy Carr joined rapper 50 Cents and a handful of low expectations on Graham’s red sofa this evening. I couldn’t care less, I thought when Norton introduced them. Yet, hearing Norton guide the rapper through the unexpectedly incredible story of the latter’s upbringing I was suddenly aware of quite how long I hadn’t laughed. Not only was it an jaw-droppingly sad catalogue of sad events 50 Cent had suffered but Norton appeared to be conducting a serious interview. It’s almost like he’d grown up.

Nice. Well done him. He’s a smasher.

Watch Episode 10 from Series 6 of the Graham Norton Show. No really. Go on.

  1. Agtree with you entirely. Interview with 50 Cent was incredibly well done … but still in keeping with the entire programme and not at all mawkish.

  2. cyberguycalif permalink

    Is it just me or does Graham’s red sofa not look comfortable? Guests don’t seem to know how to sit on it. The seat appears to wide so if they sit back they are leaning to far back since the back is not very high. The same if the guest on the end tries to side sideways to face Graham and lean back on one arm, they are to far back.

    I think it is time for Graham to get a new seating arrangement.

    I was surprised to see 50 Cent as a guest on the show, he doesn’t seem to fit the typical G.N. quest.

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