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Painful reminders

December 12, 2009

My thumbs are in agony. I’ve spent the past couple of hours pressing tough drawing pins into equally impenetrable balustrades. See the picture above.

It’s a Christmas task I don’t execute every year. It depends on timing. If we leave decorating too late then the prospect of attaching a set of lights to the stairs seems way too overwhelming.

This year however we appear to have started on the whole Christmas thing a good deal earlier. We’ve purchased the tree, transported the tree, sawed off the root and put it in a bucket of water. Cromarty appeared spectacularly unimpressed.

What’s touched me more this year has been how decorating the house has reminded us of how long we’ve been living here. As we’ve attached garlands to window frames and hung decorations from picture frames so we’ve stumbled on drawing pins which failed to get mopped up in previous post-Christmas clear-ups. In some places there were two or maybe three drawing pins next two each other. Seeing previous Christmases lined up like that only served to emphasise to what extent I had overlooked the emerging decorating tradition.

Tomorrow sees us decorating the tree before falling into another week of work. Somehow next week feels like a far easier thing to confront. More on that later.

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  1. It looks lovely! Have a great Christmas!

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