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Tweeting a blog post

December 30, 2009

Writing a blog, publishing it and then tweeting the link is not for the faint-hearted. That’s the ill-thought out platitude I normally attempt to reassure myself with whenever I’ve laid myself bare and tried to interest other parties in reading my latest effort.

Blogs are vanity publishing. Tweeting little more self-produced trailers for fantasy broadcast networks. What we all dream of now is not having to point out to people when we’ve got something we arrogantly think is worth reading.

The potential reward is favourable hits. The guaranteed return the worry you’ve pushed things just that teensy weensy bit too far by appearing like a smart arse. It’s not a pleasant feeling. Getting someone else to publish and promote it is far easier on your heart even if your publishing route is considerably less reliable.

Weighing it up, it’s probably still worth doing it. Just remember there will be a moment when you’ll more than likely wonder whether you did the right thing.

So. Write it. Blog it. Tweet it.

Be self-critical and be fearless.

If you can do that you can do anything. Really.

One Comment
  1. It takes a very large deep breath every time though! It’s all so immediate, isn’t it? And I wonder how many more comments would make it through to one’s actual blog if kindly Twitter friends didn’t comment about it on Twitter?

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