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Suspected tendinitis

January 7, 2010

“You’ve spent too long at the mouse with your arm all tense,” said the consulting doctor. “You need to rest a while. You’ve got tendinitis.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. I had thought the burning sensation in the palm of my hand and the weird achey pain I have in my fingers might be something worse. Was it Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Had I damaged myself permanently? Was I going to have an operation and then be out of action for the next three months? What the hell was I going to do?

Was I panicking a bit?

Thankfully, a month-long prescription of anti-inflammatories and assurances that I would learn to use the mouse with my left-hand instead of my now damaged right prompted the doctor to smile knowingly and for me to feel a little better about things.

Learning to use the mouse with your other hand isn’t quite as difficult as I thought it might be. Switch the buttons around in Windows 7 Control Panel, a few clicks and you soon to get use to it.

In fact, it might even have helped me do my work. It’s surprising how thought processes become so much more focussed when you know you have to do something difficult manually. There’s no opportunity to go clicking around aimlessly. Your other hand isn’t strong enough for that.

Consequently a spot of time thinking carefully about what you want to do, where you need to click and what button you need to click and things are done more effeciently. Indeed, it might even be the case that I completed on a lot more work because of that very different way of approaching simple computer tasks.

Whilst I might be appearing smug right now, it does still need to be stressed that the pain still remains. Typing OK. Rest even better. That’s what the doctor ordered.

  1. Ouch, ouch, OUCH! I’ve been getting the most awful pains in my right wrist & have been worrying myself silly that it could be carpal tunnel syndrome but have had no time to do anything about it … am now vaguely reassured by your blog. Strangely, mine gets MUCH worse when I open my car window with the ring finger on my right hand. I MUST stop doing that! Hope you & your poorly wrist will soon be better (& I’ve made a note of your medication … just in case I need the same!)

  2. Best use your whole hand to wind down the window in future, Mrs Redman.

  3. cursedtea permalink

    oh Jon … much sympathy my fluffly … I had severe tendonitis too … but in my FOOT (obviously not doing enough bass practice for it to be my hand!!) … limped around for weeks. Luckily you don’t walk on your hand (as far as I am aware) so I hope you have a speedy recovery!!

    • What on earth were you doing to get tendonitis in your foot?

  4. I didn’t know you could switch buttons around to mouse leftily instead. Useful tip.

    Hope the poor wrist gets better soon.

    • In Windows 7 (or any Windows come to that) go to Control Panel and then select “Mouse”. You can reprogramme the buttons accordingly.

  5. Glad it was nothing more serious. Take care,

    A x

  6. cyberguycalif permalink

    Ah now I understand why the Naproxen. Thanks for the heads up on where you have been blogging these day.

    • Welcome back cyberguycalif .. lovely to have you aboard.

  7. Alice permalink

    I’ve been left-handedly mousing for nine years now because of RSI (I can even do left-handed Photoshop – except for very very delicate bits).

    I never bothered to switch the buttons over though and I’d recommend learning to use them backwards if you can – it’s no more difficult – particularly if you’re likely to have to use other computers, or if you share one at home. Saves hassle. Confuses the IT guys though as they see the mouse on the left and assume I’m a ‘proper’ leftie, then can’t work out why the buttons are wrong!

    Hope it’s better soon.

    • Bless yer Alice. Thanks.

      Since responding to Chris the other day I have actually switched the buttons back and totally get what you mean. It’s not that difficult a leap and if there is any time taken thinking about what to do it’s time well spent thinking twice about what to say. x

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