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Eurovision 2010: Justin Lee Collins hopes to participate in Irish Eurovision final

January 31, 2010

This is now the second attempt at writing this blog post. The first was published last night. I read it a couple of hours later and wasn’t happy with it. I balked. I hesitated. I wimped out.

Justin Lee-Collins appears to be still at large. He talks to this ITN reporter about his intention / desire / hope to sing for the Irish Eurovision final and go on to represent the country in Oslo later in the year.

There’s something in JLC’s responses to the reporter which don’t add up. He says he’s a fan but he can’t remember the name of last year’s winning song. Then when he does he states it incorrectly. I wasn’t terribly keen on the song myself, but I can at least remember the proper song title. I’d kind of hope he would too given he backs up his Eurovision bid with a claim he’s a big fan of the contest.

I said last night I probably wouldn’t vote for Ireland if they made it to the final with Mr Lee Collins. Perhaps that was a comment full of bravado and one which might be read by some as a bit reckless.

Maybe it is. But at the very least it is a viewpoint which underlines my weird love of this strange entertainment programme. Comedy acts, daring acts of challenge acts usually leave me feeling even more dirty than I normally feel when we’ve performed badly in the voting. It always feels like a challenge act like JLC’s is cocking a snoop at those for whom the programme derives a great deal of pleasure. It’s as though someone has lumbered into the party, told a few crap jokes and run out again.

Yeah I know. I should get out more. I should take myself and the Eurovision less seriously. JLC’s announcement and my reaction to it says more about me than it does about him. I just figured I’d say.

  1. ‘It’s as though someone has lumbered into the party, told a few crap jokes and run out again’

    You’d know all about that, that’s what this whole blog is based on.

    God bless you for having a go though, that’s the wonderful thing about the Internet, every socially dysfunctional freak thinks their tedious uttering’s are worth some air time.

    • Chris permalink

      Jon, essentially you have two choices: (a) Criticise constructively / expertly, or: (b) Do something better yourself. Sadly you seem to have chosen the option that far too many people on the Internet choose, the non-existant option (c): Be rude and destructive of other people’s creations because the anonomous web allows it. Your comment about “airtime” is laughable, it’s the Internet, and you have the choice of what you read and what you don’t read. The world does revolve around your unqualified opinion alone. As for the socially dysfunctional freak trash comment, you know how I define that phrase? People who use the anonomous web as the tool to be rude to people to make up for what I presume to be inadequacies in their own life.

      If you think I’m being unreasonable, remember this. I’m not saying you can’t be a critic (that would make me somewhat hypocritical) but there are ways and means to be a critic. Cheap insults only serve to cheapen your own existance.

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