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Wherever I go, the cat goes

March 5, 2010

Isn’t he gorgeous? He’s my travel cat. I always make a point of taking him with me (he’s a boy cat, obviously) when I’m travelling around. One should always have a cat wherever one goes.

I have in recent weeks found myself working in all sorts of different places. Most of the time I do make it in to the office where I work in West London. Sometimes I’ll be working from home, other times I’ll be en route to other places. My USB dongle is invaluable. And, more often than not, I find myself at my most effective when I’m not in the office. I’m certain my colleagues would concur on that one.

So, in the spirit of professional transparency, I figure I’d explain why I’m at an airport blogging when I should perhaps be in the office.

I’m off to Kilkenny for WordPress’ European Wordcamp event thingy. Normally I loathe anything with the word “camp” bolted on after it. The spirit of “unconference” hasn’t yet permeated my cynical shell. The few I’ve attended I’ve ended up feeling like a complete arse. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut.

This weekend sees three tracks designed to appeal to three different kinds of WordPress consumer: introduction, bloggers and techies. A full schedule of presentations and discussions are laid out for all types. I’m hoping to dart between the three.

But why go? The presentations on a gamers’ experience building an online community could provide some valuable insight. Simon McGarr’s session on defamation in Ireland could be useful for the College of Journalism (and for myself if ever I find myself moving to Ireland and blogging there).

Donna O Caoimh could be more helpful to me than he realises in talking about the brilliant WP Super Cache plugin (again something for the College of Journalism).

Sadly this will exclude me from attending the video blogging 101 session which I’m anyone who’s watched my rambling efforts is sure to think I ought to drop everything and attend instead.

But the session I’m really looking forward to – for all sorts of reasons which would be far too dull to go into here – is how to use WordPress as a content management system. There could be a God. There could be a heaven. And if I’m right both might just be found in Kilkenny this weekend.

Follow me on Twitter at #wordcampirl. Be warned my tweets can be quite broad. I am not comfortable with my inner geek, if indeed I can call myself a geek at all.

  1. Look forward to seeing you at my talk on WordPress as CMS 🙂 If you have specific questions be sure and grab me for a chat at some stage over the weekend.

    • The thing I really need to get a handle on is how to use WordPress as CMS but also get it to spit out flat HTML. I think the Super-Cache plug in will do that. Maybe catchup with you and talk you through what I’m looking for?

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