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Eurovision 2010: Your Country Needs You – Analysis – Josh Dubovie wins

March 13, 2010

Josh Dubovie wins his chance to represent the UK at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “That sounds quite good to me” by Pete Waterman. Seconds after the credits have flashed up on the screen I indulge my never-failing self-obsession and record a special moment in time.

  1. 😦

    A pretty dire show all round, made marginally watchable by Graham Norton. I agree with you – Unified were my favourites too (and actually I think the song would have suited them) but Josh I thought was the best of the final three. The song is truly appalling – we are facing nul points once again.

    They need to concentrate on teaching Josh to move. Also keeping the microphone away from his face and especially his great smile will help.Oh Lord what a bad song though.

  2. You and I have come to the same conclusion, although via different routes.

    Karen – quite liked
    Alexis – quite liked
    Uni5 – embarrassed by performance
    Esma – cracking presence
    Josh – excellent voice
    Miss Fitz – totally dire (Miss Keyz said Pam)

    Then the song itself.

    First time of hearing up to and including the first line, I enjoyed. By the end of the song I realised I had gone nowhere. By the third time of hearing it I loathe and detest it. If I hear the words “laughter happy ever after” in that sequence ever again, I may be forced to commit some illegal act on a passing stranger.

    Alexis’ performance – nice but vocally not strong enough
    Esma’s – vocally all over the place but forgetting the lines is really bad
    Josh’s – best singer but totally unsuited to the song.

    Voted, despite better judgment, for Esma as being the only one with any form of attack to her performance.

    Think we’re going to plummet without trace.

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