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Have I finally found the solution to my problems?

March 17, 2010

No. No I haven’t. Not all of them.

But one terribly important and rather painful one may possibly have been resolved.

The wrist problem. Remember the wrist problem?

Well, at the risk of making it seem like this blog seem like it has suddenly plummeted into hitherto unexplored depths of naval gazing, I wanted to make a mental note and then share it with you.

The answer to my painful wrist and (today) forearm pain maybe found in the pleasures of the Bamboo Pen.

It takes a little getting used to. But once you’re used to it (no more than ten minutes) it seems to relieve the pressure on the wrist and the forearm and promote good posture. Not only that I find myself thinking of myself like some kind of graphic designer too. The fact I’ve had absolutely no training in graphic design is neither here nor there.

So hurrah. Maybe the pain will be a distant memory. If it’s not please be assured I will raise it with you here.

  1. Sounds great. I hope you and your new pen have many happy years together. How does a pen promote good posture?

  2. It promotes good posture because I’m not gripping the pen with the same intensity as I do a mouse or with the same tension I hold when I’m using the touchpad on the Mac. Thus, a more relaxed pen grip prompts a more relaxed posture. That’s the theory.

  3. Amazing how sometimes the simplest of solutions is the most effective. I hope it works!

  4. cyberguycalif permalink

    So has this helped your wrist? Are you still on the Naprosyn after all this time?

  5. I’m impressed – I got one of these too, having suffered from a similar problem. It lasted all of 30 seconds as I regressed to being unable to hold the bloody pen, point it in the right direction letalone open a file to start work… Impatient soul me.

    How’s it going? Not thrown it out the window yet?

    • Loving it actually. It’s really helped things. Can’t plug it into my work PC without it going through an irretrievable boot cycle. But they’re still highly recommended.

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