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TV: The Eleventh Hour \ Doctor Who \ BBC

April 3, 2010

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do if you’re writing a blog post about something you’ve watched on TV, it’s gush.

It’s not ‘cool’. If you gush, you’ll only invite criticism. In some cases, abuse.

But I’m quite used to all that.

And anyway, on the frequent occasions I’ve criticised, I’ve got the abuse as well.

I’m just a target. An easy target. I can’t win.I needn’t worry. I shouldn’t care.

And I don’t care as I write this. I doubt for a moment that anyone involved in ‘The Eleventh Hour‘ – starring Matt Smith in his first episode of Doctor Who – would read this.

I would have thought they wouldn’t need to look at anything on the internet. Because the stuff I’ve just watched – the first episode under Steven Moffat’s direction –  makes me think everyone involved already has a pretty good idea of the quality of their work. And I’m not suggesting for a moment they’re being smug about it either.

As someone who loved Doctor Who as a kid (Davison was my Doctor, but I’ll happily concur that Tom Baker was better), this episode felt like old-school Who. It seemed like a simple idea, executed with some original and arresting techniques. Damn it, there were even references to the classic series. I was a pig in shit. I really was.

There’s still quite a lot of unnecessary running music Mr Moffat. I do think you ought to have nipped that in the bud. But that aside, you’ve done a cracking job.

Thank you. What a relief.

(Of course, now that you’ve basically finished production on this series of Doctor Who, any chance you and the other execs on the series could do something about the Eurovision?)

(And .. don’t think I won’t be paying attention next week, just like I did watching of ‘Waters of Mars’ last night. If it goes off the boil, I will be livid.)

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  1. Totally agree, The Eleventh Hour felt very much like classic Who of old. I am very pleased with it and hope the rest of the series is just as good.

  2. cyberguycalif permalink

    You mentioned Steven Moffat again in this blog and it hit me that the last name looked familiar so I looked him up and saw he did ‘Coupling’. I loved watching Coupling, it was one of the best sitcoms I had ever seen. So well written and acted out. I didn’t even attempt to watch the American version that NBC tried which lasted all of two seconds before it was canceled.

    I read the notes you made and saw that you said the new Doctor Who was weird but likeable, some of your readers may want to know what you meant by being weird. I kine of wonder myself.

    You also talked about the music they used, not sure about shows in the U.K., but I know here I get annoyed by the back ground music that is used. Sometimes it is so loud you can not even hear what is being said.

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