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Posterous: Like I need another login

April 5, 2010

Even I’m finding it difficult to get my head around how it is I need yet another system to login to. I’ve got a login to all sorts of different internet platforms, each one sporting a tastier user interface than the last. I am a sucker for good design.

This one – Posterous – is the latest. A 3rd generation web publishing system linking to all the other platforms I’ve spray-painted my identity over. It makes all sorts of claims about posting to the internet being made even easier. I can blog on the move. Upload images to an album on the go. Alert all and sundry as soon as I’ve done anything on the internet.

I had no idea life was so complicated. I had no idea Posterous would be able to come to the rescue.

Or will it? There’s only one way to find out how – if at all – it can help.

Time to get my hands dirty.

But don’t worry. Assuming you’ve read this far and you’re still interested, don’t think you need to bookmark yet another link. The first reasonably nifty thing about this is how it can apparently post to multiple platforms.In theory you should be reading this after it’s been posted to WordPress and to Twitter.

And that benefits everyone how, exactly?

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One Comment
  1. I am too lo-tech to fully understand your blog and I struggle with fiddling around with Blogger. Does that make me preposterous? Ba da boom. *slaps own wrist & runs away*

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