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Eurovision 2010: France

April 20, 2010

It’s a slightly odd experience looking over the website of the independent record label Wagram Music backing French representative Jessy Matador.

Compared to the big guns involved in the Eurovision – the likes of EMI or Sony – the sight of an independent label is refreshing. It make’s France’s effort seem feisty.

Mind you, singer Jessy Matador doesn’t appear to have that much success with his song from 2009 Mini Kawoule (even if did reach number 16 in the French charts) if the number of views on MTV France are anything to go by (at the time of writing the number amounted to 7 – and I was one of them). Still, there’s something bold (or foolish?) in giving Eurovision audiences a taste of a fairly bland beach party in late May/early June.

Whether that will pay off remains to be seen. I have my doubts.

The song has a great – if highly unoriginal – summery feel to it’s chorus.  The repetition grates after a while. It would only be bearable if you’re in a bar somewhere with a view of a sunset swigging beer out of a bottle. The grinding in the video probably won’t make it to the final show – I’d be surprised – and really, there’s only so many times you can look to camera and go “woop” or “hmm hmmm”. It’s going to take one imaginative TV producer to translate that into a winning performance for Eurovision voters. Expect lots of dancing at the very least.

But Walgram Music’s distribution mechanism  – they build their business on distributing digital ‘titles’ via mobile phone operators first and foremost – not only shows them as a product of the present day digital music machine (and possibly the reality for the future) but also to what extent Eurovision is merely about exposure for Jessy Matador.

This is without doubt, a pragmatic exercise for Jessy Matador. The focus is surely on maximising downloads and building reputation. Winning would be a bonus, but it’s not central. Longevity – and perhaps more specifically revenue – is of considerable more importance.

  1. I really like this one, although I doubt it will do well – because France as a western European nation always struggles to do well. But it’s streets and streets better than ours. I also really enjoy the fact it is doubling up as France’s official World Cup anthem. Such efficient economy.

    • So they’ll get even MORE revenue from it being played LONG after Eurovision. So it doesn’t need a vote then, ey Hedgie? 😉

  2. The best guarantee of France doing badly is a high vote from me . . . . at the moment, I give it 12 points!

  3. Mrs P’s favourite. What more can I say?

    • Get Mrs P’s mobile number. She and I need to have a word.

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