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Eurovision 2010: Spain

April 21, 2010

Well done Spain for putting forward something which shits all over your effort from 2008 and will surely do better than singer Soraya did last year with her song ‘The Night is For Me’. It wasn’t. Quite the opposite in fact. Spain skidded in at 23rd place. If the UK arrives in that position this year we’ll have done well.

This year, musical theatre boy Daniel Diges packs his bags for Oslo (with copious conditioner and a sturdy toothbrush). He’s sure to do well. The song – Algo Pequeñito – has sufficient melancholy packed into the opening vocal to turn any soppy romantic’s knees to jelly. Just listen to the croaks in Diges voice in the opening of the promotional video. The poor boy’s crying out for a hug and a motherly “there, there – you just haven’t met the right person yet”.

OK. Well, maybe the motherly thing is going a little far. So too the enthusiasm for the song.

There’s one thing uppermost in my in mind as I listen, you see. Algo Pequeñito does make me think almost immediately of a cracking track from Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba. Naturally I’m not suggesting for a moment is a total rip off. Spain’s song merely reminds me of a favourite track with a similarly dramatic conclusion ripe for exploitation on the small screen.

And that’s also the appeal of Algo Pequeñito. The production Diges takes to Oslo (he worked on it with producers Luis Miguel de la Varga, Alberto Jodar after fan-come-songwriter Jesús Cañadilla penned the song) is brimming with drama. It’s a musical theatre performer’s dream. Diges’ chilling visage makes him perfect for a close up too – his face does all the work for the camera. More importantly, within the tightly controlled creative environment afforded by the promotional video, everything contributes to a euphoric conclusion.

But what will happen on the vast, multi-coloured stage in front of the massive audience? Will the Spanish delegation pull off a suitably breathtaking backdrop or will the sight of circus acts (if they are carried forward into the live performance) kill both the audience and the song? I hope not.

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