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First tomato growth

April 25, 2010

I had seriously underestimated the joy to be had growing stuff from seeds.

My normal impatience for instant gratfication seemed to dissipate as soon as I dusted the top layer of soil over the seeds. From that moment on (and every day this week) I found it difficult to resist the temptation not to keep on progress in the patio pots and underneath the lid of the propagator on the kitchen windowsill.

Only yesterday – a good deal earlier than I was expected – I observed spindly looking growth emerge from tomato planting and the rocket salad pots. It seemed almost to incredible to believe. How was it that merely adding water and soil could make tiny almost nondescript seeds transform into life?

Don’t worry. I don’t need it explaining. I did do biology at school. I even got an ‘A’ grade in the exam. Even so, seeing it happen (sort of) before my very eyes seemed breathtaking.

The process is reassuring. It slows the heart rate. It brings me out of my media focussed bubble. So much so, I keep dreaming of the day I pick my first tomato from the vine and taste something homegrown.


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