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Eurovision 2010: UK’s Josh Dubovie promos That Sounds Good To Me

April 26, 2010

It’s got elements of swing and rat pack,” says the UK’s Josh Dubovie describing the reworked UK song ‘That Sounds Good To Me’ on Dutch TV’s Life 4 You.

God give me strength.

Josh’s appearance makes me wriggle uncomfortably in my seat for a number of different reasons. (Go to 5 mins 20 secs if you can’t stand the interview.)

1. Contrary to what Josh says on the Dutch TV show, the reworked ‘That Sounds Good To Me’ displays absolutely no evidence of swing or rat pack. It just has a handful of tarted up chords.

2. Those tarted up chords don’t make me think of swing or rat pack. I’ve no idea what would. But this doesn’t make me think of swing or rat pack.

3. Josh still can’t dance. Of that I’m confident in still writing.

4. Josh also appears to be miming. Although if the Schlagerboys video from the Eurovision Concert is to believed (I didn’t go – I’m normally a square peg in those particular round holes), he can sing it convincingly live, although he may need to work on the final note a bit more.

4. On reflection – post the reworking – Josh’s song doesn’t sound anywhere near as nauseating as the version we heard in Your Country Needs You which prompted this deflated summing up.

5. And because of point number 4, I may need to change my opinion drastically.

6. But I still LOATHE the final coda.

And yes, I’m hating myself right now for finding my feelings have changed but should add that this doesn’t mean Josh, Pete Waterman or the BBC are forgiven .. just yet.

  1. Oh Gawd. If anything, they’ve made it even worse (if that were possible). Poor Josh. Poor poor Josh.

  2. Jame permalink

    I think he was singing live. Otherwise, the very last line would have appeared ‘Pigs in Space’ style over their heads after the blokey host took the mic out of Josh’s hand.

  3. Gig permalink

    OMG. The best bit was the Dutch hosts joining/rescuing him at the end. Miming awful. dancing cringeworthy.

  4. I think the problem is the genesis of the song – written in haste to be potentially sung by one of six acts (two men, two women, two groups as I recall). As a result of that, whoever manged to loose the credibility dice roll and win YCNY was going to be saddled with a song that had a neutered emotional core.

    A good song should tell a story – this is little better than a “Janet and John” story and I don’t mean those that still air on Radio 2 from a certain Irishman. Josh may be a good singer and handed a story he can sing the standards (cf but he’s been handed somethign with incredibly shaky foundataions, and there’s little that he, Waterman or Stock can add to that without it all falling down.

    The simple fact that this is now just about credible for a low to mid table placement says more about the skills of the team, but it’s not enough to negate the initial mistake.

    • Agreed Ewan. Even I have to admit that it’s too easy to lump Josh into the whole thing as he is only singing it – it’s not like he’s written it. I need to work on not blaming him for it. 😉

  5. Jack permalink

    I’m sure he was singing live. He gets a bit louder when he moves the mic, the “could” is a little bit off and the fact there are no vocals over the last bit where the male host takes the mic and speaks into it (and it’s switched on) prove this. The video is just out of sync.

    • Oh alright then.

      Maybe I made a mistake there.

      I was just fuming in my own frustration at having warmed to the new version with it’s tarted up chords.

      Still, I’m not changing the original post. That would only make your comment look stoopid. 😉

  6. Ah, they didn’t let him finish his last five words! Actually although I miss the original electro-beginning of the first version, I think this version is slightly better. Think the end could be tighter though. Saw him at the London thing on Sunday night and he is an excellent performer. No Jemini here.

    • It’s like you work for the BBC Chris. I remain unconvinced (although obviously I should have gone along to the Eurovision preview party thing to see him). I shall wait for the final and make up my mind then. 😉

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