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Eurovision 2010: Cyprus

May 2, 2010

Cyprus’ song is bound to raise a few eyebrows. Frontman Jon Lilygreen is Welsh. How does a Welshman end up representing Cyprus for God’s sake? How does a Welshmen end up not representing the UK and singing a decent song at Eurovision? Have the sands of time started shifting? What next?

The eyebrow-raising evidence doesn’t end there. The band’s fan page details his postal address. It even has his mobile phone number on it. Even the biography of the two people running Gold CD productions details their strong connections with Wales.

The story of the song’s genesis is a journalist’s dream. It demands little of any PR man either.

Written by two Cypriots, Nasos Lambrianides and Melis Constantinou ‘found’ Wales-based producers Jon Gregory and Sylvia Stand on the internet who in turn produced the song sourcing student and pit band guitar Jon Lilygreen to record the track.

Where the song misses out on a strong melodic line, it makes up for it in terms of chord progressions and production. Lilygreen pulls off an authentic act with his guitar even if the song quickly becomes bland on repeat listens.

The promo video does look a little on the cheap side, but really that isn’t the point.

The appeal of Cyprus’ this year is its authenticity. I can think of only a handful of acts which have made a point of highlighting the genuine international links which brought the song into being. It’s also an act which will undoubtedly raise the profile of a great many people who have clearly bucked the usual UK reticence at using Eurovision to promote themselves. Their obvious grasp of social media – highlighted by their management of the fan page is also a good sign.

All of that is a good thing. If producers Gregory and Stand do well, that means more UK based producers (and, who knows, maybe even writers) will feel suitably encouraged to step forward in future years. And if they can get through to the final, there’s bound to be a significant vote from the UK on account of Jon Lilygreen’s nationality.

  1. Well, I rather liked that. Am wondering if I ought to ‘phone & tell him?! 😉

    • I think he might possibly be at a party in Central London if you try ringing him now. 😉

  2. A very “different” Eurovision act – a raw band with heart. A very friendly bunch too! I hope they do really well.

  3. Sandman permalink

    As a friend of mister Lilygreen I can happily tell you all that the phone number isn’t his. Feel free to try, feel free to look a bit silly. Ha!

    Also, Its the UK’s fault for not snapping up genuine talent first anyway, This article moans about everyone being welsh and uses points such as; the song being bland and the video being crap. Well, the song was written by a cyprican and the video filmed and produced over there too. Why is this a negative on mister Lilygreen?

    Let him have his fun, not many people who deserve it get it. I know who I’ll be voting for. The talented one who got snapped up, all within the rules, by someone else.

    • I don’t think I’m moaning in any way about people being Welsh. Let’s be clear on that one.

      The comment “bland” is a personal reaction to listening to it a few times. And that’s just fine. It’s no judgement on Lilygreen.

      Nobody is denying anyone any fun. No one is suggesting Mr Lilygreen’s involvement *isn’t* within the rules.

      Just .. so .. we… are …clear 😉

  4. Hey, Jon and the gang are fantastic…too bad the UK didn’t know what they had. Cyprus and the Cypriots are honoured to have such a good song this year and even more so because of Jon’s great talent. It’s nice to see Jon getting international recognition via Cyprus. A win/win situation for all! 😉

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