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Eurovision 2010: Norway

May 2, 2010

2009 winners Norway are hosting this year’s contest. They’re also fielding Didrik Solli-Tangen to sing the anthem My Heart Is Yours.

And there’s my problem. As lovely and simple and rousing as it is, the song reminds me of Anthem from the Benny, Bjorn and Tim Rice musical Chess.

That’s a good thing, obviously. Chess is a fantastic musical. And Benny, Bjorn and Tim Rice are all Gods.

However, having listened to Israel’s song already, Norway’s song leaves me ever so slightly dissatisfied. It’s too perfect. It builds effortlessly and efficiently, but almost too efficiently. It’s like I want it to go on for longer than 3 minutes in order for its depth to be authentic. I like a good musical theatre climax, but don’t take me to the cum shot too quickly.

That’s not to say it’s not a good song, obviously. It’s melodically very strong. There are moments of borderline harmonic porn when some of those seventh chords kick in in the run up to the chorus, but still it is the fact that it’s very nearly too perfect which leaves me feeling a little bit shallow at the end of it.

Norway won’t do badly out of this, nor should they. Who knows, maybe it will even given whoever occupies the top slot in the final voting a run for their money. Nail biting finishes are always quite entertaining, I find.

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