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Why redesign it again?

May 2, 2010

I’m a sucker for new layouts and different fonts, it has to be said. My heart skips a beat when I see a new layout. I know I shouldn’t click the ‘activate’ button in WordPress quite as many times as I do, but really why was it necessary to roll out another new look for this blog?

What you see is the result of feedback from friends and a rather over-zealous internal critic. Friends helped reassure me about my tendency to focus on the Eurovision, asking the question ‘just what is it you want to do there?’ and ‘how does it fit with everything else you do?’

A few days later, I’m at the Next Web Conference and realising that first time visitors may not be quite as engaged with the window on the world I present as I hope they might be. If you’re doing something borderline professional its probably best to make things just a little bit more pigeon-holed just for the sake of usability.

When WordPress offered a new template, I figured it was a short cut to a slightly more easily navigable blog.

So I’ve plumped for this design – the new default template to be rolled out with the latest version of WordPress – in a bid to separate the seemingly disparate things I write about.

I hope you like it. And do be assured, it won’t be changing for a long while to come. At least I do think so.

  1. cyberguycalif permalink

    Like the new look.

  2. oaeblog permalink

    Looks good but you can’t find old stuff as well…

    • I’ll make some adjustments sir. :0)

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