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Eurovision 2010: FYR Macedonia – ‘filling three minutes’

May 3, 2010

Last year’s cock-rock sound from Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is repeated in 2010 with the song Jas ja imam silata (I Have Strength) sung by Gjoko Taneski.

It’s worthy. It’s fine. But there’s no real journey and at times Taneski’s overwrought singing drives me away from a feeling of entertainment and towards one of immense guilt. It’s as though I feel as though I should appreciate this song more or at the very least look for hidden layers of meaning. The reality is, I just want to switch off.

FYR Macedonia haven’t languished in the results tables over the years. They seem to maintain mid-to quarter positions in the finals when they get there, despite having sent what are in effect forgettable songs.

Browsing the archives I’ve little recollection of their 2006 song Ninanajna from Elena Risteska or Mojot Svet sung by Karolina in 2007. I certainly can’t account for what I was doing in 2008. How did I miss Tamara, Vrčak & Adrijan sing Let Me Love You ? Was I in the bathroom?

Where FYR Macedonia did well musically was with the tub-thumping party number Make My Day sung by Martin Vucic (who should never have worn that sticking plaster shade of pink) in 2005. Even 2004’s haunting and rhythmically arresting Life sung by Tose Proeski holds up well now not least because the singer proves himself to be a hugely reliable and convincing live vocalist. These two latter songs weren’t winners. They weren’t anywhere near close and didn’t deserve to be (they achieved 14th and 17th place respectively). But they represent the best of the Macedonian stable.

Maybe the country hasn’t really found its niche yet. Maybe its still experimenting with what works. They should stick with it though, for sure.

They won’t do badly this year. They might qualify. They might be filling three minutes. But that’s miles better than just being crap. Believe me.

even in what fails to register

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