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Latest tomato plant news

May 3, 2010

I’ve only managed a few hours in the garden this bank holiday weekend. There’s been rain to contend with and the ever-closer Eurovision Song Contest distracting me.

Still, what time I’ve been out in the sunshine has been well spent. Gone are the weeds on the patio and piles of non-descript rubbish behind pots. Now what greets me every time I look out of the kitchen window is a space I actually feel like I’d be happy to wander into each morning and evening. It looks like a reasonably well-kept, well-loved affair (which it is) as opposed to the shunned space it did a few weeks ago.

The newest addition to the garden is a plastic greenhouse. My mother made it clear last year I wouldn’t need one and that I could make do, but at £19.99 in the nearby garden centre I found it too difficult to resist buying.

And anyway, the tomato plants needed transplanting from the windowsill propagator to 3″ pots. I needed to put them somewhere. Then there were the flowers I’m growing from seed. They needed to go into seed trays. Those seed trays needed to go somewhere. A greenhouse is just natural progression. The delicate beginnings of life need a home.

The passion flower has been pruned back a bit and its long straggly growths attached to the ugly replacement drainage pipe we have at the side of the house. The dead bits – I’m figuring its an overhang of winter damage – have been cut back too.

And finally, just beyond the patio, the first portion of flowerbeds have also been planted up with mixed flower, lavender and some old digitalis seeds I found in the back of a cupboard. What I want next summer is to look out of that kitchen and see a riot of colour, at least in the first section of the flower bed.

More news, as it happens.

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