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Eurovision 2010: Ukraine

May 8, 2010

Ukraine are presenting something relatively sober compared to the highly choreographed number Wild Dances they won with in 2004 or the sickeningly over-produced stage act for their 2009 song Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl).

Singer Alyosha’s seemingly apocalyptic rock number for 2010 Sweet People is an impressive demonstration of compositional efficiency even if the listener’s left wanting at the end.

The twenty second intro promises a great melodramatic journey. But by the time we get to the end of the first chorus 1’30” the song feels as though it’s going to need more than 3 minutes to pull off a statement.

Unexpectedly however the end seems plausible and fitting. We’ve heard something even if we’ve not had a resounding conclusion. It may not have been a melodrama and we may not have been on a journey in the intervening period, but it seems to work just about OK. And that’s good enough.

That said, it’s difficult to whistle a tune from this. And on that basis, it could get lost in the mêlée of considerably more memorable songs this year. Does this mean Ukraine won’t make it to the final?

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