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Eurovision 2010: Armenia

May 9, 2010

When you overlook the troublesome repetition of the word ‘apricot’ in the lyrics, Armenia’s 2010 song is a reasonably pleasant thing to listen to even if it’s not quite as good as their 2009 song Jan Jan which despite it’s disappointing 10th placing is without doubt now the country’s Eurovision yardstick.

Apricot Stone
‘s ethnic sound is both authentic and plausible. Admittedly, it does sometimes feels as though the melismatic melody came after the chords, but seeing as those chords form a satisfyingly crunchy progression in places the song is ultimately saved from mediocrity.

Overall, the song doesn’t offend. And because it doesn’t offend there’s something borderline-condescending about the thoughts which inevitably pass through my mind as I listen to something inoffensive and think about the geographical size of the country the song represents. ‘Good for them’ I’m thinking. ‘That sounds OK. Well done them’ as if the size of a country influences the quality of it’s musical output. I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and say that that’s a preposterous thought process on my part – but it is honest at the very least.

Whilst it’s not clear how this act will translate to the stage in Oslo, the song does at the very least have a polished studio production. That’s a very good start.

Moreover, there’s something genuinely engaging about seeing the production team working on it in the promo video. It communicates pride and passion. It’s the kind of thing you don’t necessarily see in other countries. It’s a simple idea. It’s tapping into the present day pre-occupation with transparency. This is not something which has just been knocked together on a Friday afternoon.

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