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Eurovision 2010: Bulgaria

May 9, 2010

Singer Miro (real name Miroslav Kostadinov) composed the song Angels Si Ti and received a commanding share of the telephone vote in the Bulgarian national final for this year’s Eurovision. He takes full responsibility for everything.

Since Bulgaria’s debut at Eurovision in 2005, the country has only made it to the final once. Is the club beat enough to turn Bulgaria’s fortunes around at Eurovision? It’s a difficult one.

Watching it on TV will demand a pretty good sound system to do the track justice. Listen to it on headphones however and the song’s strengths shine through. The combination of thumping bass line and deeply satisfying textures created by the string ostinatos make the song almost euphoric.

It’s an interesting composition too. The first minute is given over to prelude of mid-tempo keyboard-led expectation after which the chorus kicks in with the beat. We don’t get to hear the fully developed verse until 1’39” leaving relatively little time for any further development after that. But the song itself doesn’t necessarily suffer because of it. It’s not as though the expectation is established and then nothing’s delivered at the end. There are different textures added during the second chorus and there’s even what feels like time to cram in a middle-eight in the final 8 seconds of the song.

But that’s also the song’s potential undoing. The resulting abrupt finish will undoubtedly mean there’s a need to be some strong visual cues on stage. That will probably mean the stage act will have all sorts of bells and whistles and that in turn could spell danger for Bulgaria if the overall presentation isn’t managed well.

The song does need to be sung in English. Otherwise most viewers will dismiss it as ‘that song with no lyrics in the chorus’ (which isn’t the case, but the finer points will be lost on the mainstream).

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