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Eurovision 2010: Estonia

May 9, 2010

There is something both refreshing and reassuring about Estonia’s song Siren written by Estonian singer Robin Juhkental. It’s hugely original.

Why is that so important?

If you’re a slave to listening to all the songs and have an eye on what would make for a cracking running order on a live Saturday night show, then this song provides some light and shade, putting all the other formulaic stuff the rest of Europe are competing with to shame.

It demonstrates a bold move on the part of Estonia’s competition organisers to include this kind of act – and the resulting sound – at all. And the fact the track seems to breathe integrity makes it one sure to reassure the most insecure of Eurovision fans that the competition could – maybe – launch the careers of songwriters with original ideas.

How this translates from video to stage makes Estonia’s song another one to look out for in the semi-finals.

  1. How do I love this song? Let me count the ways. I don’t think it will do well and expect it not to qualify but I think it’s outstanding.

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