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Eurovision 2010: Lithuania

May 9, 2010

Thank God for a) the Lithuanians b) group InCulto and c) their song Eastern European Funk.

If Estonia’s daring song represents something immediately refreshing and ultimately reassuring in this year’s Eurovision competition, then the Lithuanian’s Eastern European Funk may possibly have trounced them with something equally original but ever so slightly more infectious and uplifting instead.

The opening verse is arresting and may turn part-time viewers off. But stick with it to the end – and please Lithuania for God’s sake don’t ruin the comedy you can obviously pull off successfully in this promo video by a pantomime stage act – and you’ll be tapping your foot and whistling the tune.

It’s memorable. It’s perky. And it’s fun.

And .. it deserves to win.

There. I said it.

  1. But it’s not a patch on “Welcome to Lithuania” that came 2nd to LT United a few years ago.

    • Nonsense Chris. Nonsense. Away with you and your silly talk.

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