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Eurovision 2010: Albania

May 15, 2010

When time is pressing, it’s easy to make up your mind quickly about whether something works musically or not.

There comes a point when your mind is made up. It’s what the Eurovision is brilliant for. Yes, we should think about the hard graft and the creative risks the songwriters are taking as they clamber up the slippery pole to music production nirvana. But really, the other side of is the judging. And sometimes it’s really easy to judge quickly.

So it is with Albania’s song It’s All About You sung by Juliana Pasher for Eurovision this year. Its whistle test is good – I can remember the tune at the end of it and if anyone at work asked me what I thought of Albania’s song I’d say that confidently too.

But as refreshing as that pumping bass line is when it kicks in at the top of the track and how satisfying the entire production feels as a whole, by the time we’re skating towards the final chorus I’m left feeling dissatisfied.

The song trips along well. Like Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Thunder and Lightning, it’s ample fare. But it doesn’t excite me. And it doesn’t take me on a journey. It doesn’t have the “wow” factor for me.

And really, the sight of that body art and the bird just give me the heeby-jeebies for the stage act. I can see this one is going to have quite a lot of gimmicks thrown at it to keep visual interest up.

  1. I’m not personally watching the rehearsal videos (I like a surprise on the night) but word is that she has stormed the rehearsals and at the moment all of the buzz is about Albania! I’ll have to wait and see on Tuesday if she deserves the hype though! 🙂

    • I’m always suspicious of anyone talking about “buzz”.

      But then that’s because I’m a cynical old queen.

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