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Eurovision 2010: Bosnia & Herzegovina

May 15, 2010

I’ve never been a rock fan. And, unfortunately, Bosnia & Herzegovina’s grunge effort this year doesn’t provide me with the opportunity for an epiphany either.

If however I can divorce my personal dislike of the song there are some other observations which might be worth bearing in mind.

This song – without question – lacks direction. By the time I’ve got to the end of it’s three minutes, I’m not entirely where I started, where I’ve gone and where I’ve arrived.

It just ‘is’ what it ‘is’ and .. well .. that’s OK. It has all the right elements. It’s plausible and competent, if a little derivative and it certainly shouldn’t be labelled as a failure because it’s not.

It just doesn’t do anything for me despite adhering to all the key elements for a song.

One thing to keep an eye out for. Singer Vukašin Brajić cuts a lonely figure on stage during the national selection clips. There’s something not quite right about seeing a soloist sing such a powerful rock track without all the usual appendages loafing around on stage with their sweaty pits and long unkempt hair.

Maybe that’s Vukašin’s plan come Oslo. Maybe he’ll be joined on stage with all sorts of people. That may help paper over the moments when he’s not got very much to do. Because people not having very much to do on stage doesn’t necessarily make for great TV.

Whatever they do for the contest, Bosnia & Herzegovina will have some way to go to beat their 3rd (and best) place in the 2006 Eurovision. I can’t see it happening, myself.

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