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Eurovision 2010: Poland

May 15, 2010

If viewers can get past the call to arms in the opening phrase of this song and stick with it during the daring verse, the rousing chorus of Poland’s Legenda from songwriter and singer Marcin Mrozinski might secure the country a place in the Eurovision final.

And judging by the line-up for the first semi-final Poland will be competing in, they might just do OK … just so long as sufficient telephone voters across Europe vote like I do.

Legenda is – without doubt – far better than Poland’s last moment in the Eurovision final when Isis Gee sang the bland For Life in 2008. That song came 24th in the final. I’ve every hope Marcin Mrozinski will do better this year.

  1. I love the complexity of this song. It’s deeply coloured, multi-levelled, and all sorts of other cliched descriptions that don’t come anywhere near identifying it properly. Plus Marcin is a genuine Eurovision fan!

  2. What I fear is that complexity will be the inspiration for dismissive comments. I hope not. Like you, I reckon the complexities make it unexpectedly engaging.

    And yes. There’s another pitiful cliche to add to the list.

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