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Eurovision 2010: Croatia

May 16, 2010

Croatia’s Feminnem sing the song Lako Je Sve and will no doubt hope to do better than the 18th place the country secured in the final the previous year with Lijepa Tena. Somehow you’d think someone who smoldered as much as Croatian singer Igor did in 2009 would have done better amongst telephone voters.

Musically there’s hints of Serbia’s winning – and surprisingly now satisfying – song Molitva sung by Marija Šerifović. This isn’t in itself a problem or a criticism. What’s interesting is how the nationalistic feel of the music isn’t necessarily backed up by the lyrics. Harmonically the song delivers the weight of history. Lyrically its no more than a fairly bog standard love song.

There’s nothing wrong with that. And, in comparison to some other efforts this year, Croatia is offering up a competent number.

For my money however, they’ll have to go a long long way before they come anywhere near close to their spectacularly poignant debut song Don’t Ever Cry, one which justifiably deserves the credit as one of the best Eurovision songs if only because of it’s achingly poignant chord progressions. (Keep an ear out for the final lyric and tell me it doesn’t sound like they’re singing ‘Microwavan Sky’. No? Is it just me then?)

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