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Eurovision 2010: Slovakia

May 16, 2010

Last year’s Slovakian entry didn’t do terribly well in the semi-final round, coming a perhaps not entirely surprising 18th place and failing to get through to the final.

This year Slovakia have abandoned the vein-splitting tortured ballad in favour of a tub-thumping number guaranteed to set feet tapping and promote a reasonably good feeling about the singer Kristina Pelakova, her army of dancers accompanying her on stage (assuming they end up in the final act in Oslo) and about the country.

The song just about misses the mark. It’s pleasant enough. Rousing enough. Competent enough. But it fails in terms of journey. We jig about for three minutes. We’re not entirely sure what the melody is at the end of it. It is fundamentally similar to a lot of other Eurovision songs from this year and from previous years too. Ultimately Slovakia’s song for 2010 fails to leave its mark where other countries like Germany, Israel and Iceland will succeed.

And, as pretty as Kristina is on screen I fear she too will be difficult to pick out. The whole look of the thing just feels a little bit outdated in Eurovision terms now, especially when there are more daring, more arresting songs in the this year’s competition.

Despite all of this seething negativity, will Slovakia’s song Horehronie be enough to secure them a place in the final?

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