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Eurovision 2010: Slovenia

May 16, 2010

A car crash is waiting to happen.

I can hear the commentaries. I can see the interview sequences. I can see what clip sequences will be used in news reports. Slovenia’s contribution to Eurovision 2010 – Narodnozabavni Rock – will be held up as evidence that the Contest hasn’t changed at all. Laughing at the contest will be allowed. Laughing at those who take it reasonably seriously (seriously enough to write a blog post about every single song) will also remain de rigeur.

Whilst I fear that Slovenia’s Ansambel Žlindra & Kalamari will amount to nothing more than shorthand for the cynical hacks struggling to up their word count at the request of their impatient online editors, I’m also at pains to point out that there’s quite a lot about this song which makes me screw up my nose and narrow my eyes.

I say this as sincerely as one can when dishing out negative criticism. I’m the last one to want to break anybody’s heart. There is such a thing as schandenfreude after all.

Even so, there are so many different styles and musical ideas crammed into this song that the truth is that almost as soon as the vocal lead dressed in her gypsy costume reaches for the note at the top of the opening leap I want the thing to be over. It does – in the most unexpected way – make me quite look forward to the UK’s Josh Dubovie set foot on stage. Just.

I’m sorry Slovenia. I’m really not a nasty piece of work – despite what others might think. This really doesn’t work. Better luck next time.

  1. Mojca permalink

    Just wanted to point out that that is not “gypsy costume” but women’s traditional dress of Slovenia.

    • OK then. Thank you very much. 🙂

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