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Eurovision 2010: Turkey

May 21, 2010

There’s a mildly interesting point to be made about Turkey’s song for Eurovision this year. Held up against the Eurovision prism, Turkish band maNga’s song We Could Be The Same ticks one very important box – it has a irreprescible hook at the beginning of the track.

But this is – in the cold light of day – the best thing about it. The verse and subsequent chorus doesn’t live up to the excitement established in that opening pizzicato sounding hook. The melody descends into nothingness. The hard-core, fast-tempo driving rock sound is probably it’s ultimate undoing. It’s trying and failing to sound all manly in a way Turkey’s 2008 entry sounded considerably more convincing.

This year’s song moves away from formulaic-authentic sounding Dum Tek Tek. Sure, a convincing performance, but you’re not going to tell me that tiresomely repetitive melody really deserved 4th place in the final?

Shake It Up Shekerim
from 2008 is without doubt one of Turkey’s strongest pop songs in Eurovision in recent years maintaining Turkey’s proud placings in the table since Sertab Erener’s crowd-pleaser win for the country in 2003 with Everyway That I Can, closely followed by Athena’s Eurovision ska experiment in 2004. The less said about Rimi Rimi Ley from 2005 the better although their 2006 effort – Superstar – marked a real accomplishment in understanding what works with Eurovision’s core audience. Shame it only secured 11th place.

How will Turkey fare this year? Personally, I’m not holding out for a high placing. It’s not the best entry they’ve sent. But it’s also not a howler. Keep an eye on it.

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