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Eurovision 2010: Semi-Final One

May 23, 2010

Semi-Final One
Tues 25 May 2010


Slovakia *
Latvia *
Poland *
Belgium *
Malta *
Albania *
Portugal *
Belarus *
Iceland *

Bold italics most memorable
* Predicted semi-final qualifiers

The first semi-final for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest goes out on Tuesday 25 May. I can barely contain myself. No really, I can’t.

What you can see here is a self-indulgent, geeky, anoraky and borderline obsessive-compulsive preparation for the big event which – lets face it – won’t be watched by that many people because it’s a week night.

Running order for the considerably more interesting Semi-Final Two.


Even I can’t believe how pitifully anal I’ve been about this. It’s basically the manifestation of a last desperate attempt to maintain interest in the contest and protect myself against the usual slew of self-imposed negativity. More on that in another blog post. (Yes really, who knew so much could be written about something so fundamentally dull?)

Heads up, this is important!

The big news this year is that the phone lines are open throughout the programme – not just during that bizarre period at the end of the presentation of the songs – but if you’re thinking you’ll be able to swing the vote by hitting the redial button, you’ll be disappointed. TV viewers votes are cut 50/50 with an ‘expert jury’ (a handful of drunks from Shepherds Bush Green).

But, UK viewers can’t vote in Tuesday’s show. Them’s the rules. Treat the first semi-final as a dry run. A rehearsal for the second-semi on Thursday when UK viewers ahead of the bun fight on Saturday night.

Showing my workings

Countries marked in bold italics in the list represent the acts I could recall just from a handful of listens (good or bad). This doesn’t necessarily represent the best acts – just the ones I remember without actually listening to the songs again.

Countries marked with an asterisk represent the ones I reckon will go through having reminded myself what the songs are and considering their impact in the running order. To be honest, this may not be quite so significant this year given the phone lines are open for the entire show, but you know if there are first-timers watching on the semi-final night it *might* have an impact.

Again, the asterisk list is not necessarily an indication of quality, merely a painful reminder that the world doesn’t revolve around me as much as I would like.

  1. Michelle permalink

    It’ll all be over soon.

  2. Won’t it.

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