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Tomato plant news

June 20, 2010

The weekend is careering to an end. I hate that.

But, I’ve had a good time. I caught up on some much-needed sleep (the end part of last week was very demanding) and – most important of all – I’ve managed to get the tomato plants planted out.

If it wasn’t for the lovely Alison down at nearby Phoebes in Catford, I may have waited another week before I planted the little darlings out. I took one of the small pots to the garden centre and asked for advice. Alison (she and I bonded a few years ago when I discovered she used to be a broadcast assistant with the BBC World Service) took one look at my sample and offered stern advice: plant them up today.

Given there quite a lot of plants, I did have to purchase quite a few grow bags – tomato plants don’t like to be too bunched up it seems. I also caved in and bought a planter (top left in the picture above).

What I’m rather pleased about is having finally found a use for the patio. I rather like seeing the space used for something now. Admittedly I did get rather too many growbags. Still, the last remaining salad and rocket leaves have been sown in the bags on the right. Nothing is wasted here.

Bring on the harvest.

  1. Well done! You’re very organized. I have two tomato plants this year as well, a gift from a friend’s allotment. They’re still in their weenie pots begging me to do something with them.

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