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From the wider garden

June 27, 2010

When I haven’t been keeping a careful eye on the tomato plants occupying the hitherto unused patio area in front of the kitchen window, I’ve been focussing my attention on redressing the green bias in the garden. Shrubs are easy. Colour is just a little bit more difficult to establish and subsequently maintain.

In pursuit of that more colourful view, I’ve planted up petunias in the tubs (above) – 30cms apart – marigolds (recommended by Dulwich Pal Adrian), jumbo marigolds, gazanias and the lupins and verbenas growing from seed in the greenhouse. What looks like a dull looking flowerbed now will – I hope – be transformed in a few weeks time.

I’m getting a little impatient where the nasturtiums are concerned. Their leaves are looking bold, but their blooms are a long time in coming. I only hope that when they do finally deliver they hold good on their promise. If they don’t, I’m wondering whether it might be down to what I think might be an infestation of blackfly (below). I’ve applied the appropriate pest control. I want those pesky things to die.

The passion flower continues to bloom (below). They are such confusingly complex borderline threatening flowers.

I’m especially excited about the french beans. The plant is gloriously languid and reassuringly strong too. Even if it doesn’t yield any beans (and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure whether it will or not) I’m rather appreciating seeing it’s delicate little flowers every time I step out onto the decking.

There’s also a second crop of mixed salad leaves emerging …

… lillies bursting into bloom …

and some poppies storing up some seedy goodness for next year ….

It’s as a result of my regular garden exploits that Sundays have now turned into a much-needed opportunity for escapism. Love it.

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